Ancient Coinage of Kyrenaica, Barce

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BMC 3cfBarce, Cyrenaica. Ca. 480–435 BC. AR tetradrachm, 17.01 g. Silphium plant / [B]A[Ρ]KA[ION], bearded head of Ammon right within dotted circle. Cf. BMC Cyrenaica pl. xxxiv, 3 (with second dotted border outside legend). TextImage
BMC 18Barce, Cyrenaica, AR hemidrachm, 460-450 BC, 14 mm, 1.70 g. Silphium plant / B-A-Ρ-K clockwise in the four corners of head of Zeus Ammon right in square dotted border, all within a circular incuse. BMC 18; Mueller 290B, Sear Greece 6385.TextImage
BMC 23Barce, Cyrenaica, AR Tetradrachm, 380 BC, 12.84 g. Silphium plant with leaves and flowers / BAΡKAI retrograde, Laureate head of Zeus Ammon right. BMC 23 (same dies); Traité III 1962.TextImage
BMC 32Barce, Cyrenaica, AR Tetradrachm, ca 450 BC. 28 mm, 12.9 g. Magistrate Akesios. B-A Ρ-K A-I in three lines to left and right of silphium plant / AKE-ΣIOΣ beneath head of Zeus Ammon facing, circular dotted border. BMC 32; Mueller 319; Mionnet Supp., 94; Berlin 18200187.TextImage
BMC 47Barce, Cyrenaica, AE18 ca 320 BC. 18 mm, 7.25 g. Horse galloping right / Ram standing right (BAΡ below). BMC 47; Mueller 330; Traité 1974; Sear Greece 6398.TextImage
Mueller 328 varBarce, Cyrenaica, AR Trihemiobol, 400-331 BC, 10 mm, 0.82 g. Three buds of a silphium plant in starlike form with three dots in the centre / BAΡ, youthful, horned head of Karneios right in a circular dotted border. Müller 328 var (obv. left); BMC -.TextImage
Nomos 9, 199Barce, Cyrenaica, AR didrachm, 480 BC, 15mm, 8.32 g. (in alliance with Euhesperides?). Ram's head or rhyton right with beaded truncation; below, silphium fruit or seed pod, all within border of dots / Silphium fruit (seed pod?) between two dolphins swimming around it to right; all within incuse square. Apparently unpublished. Nomos 9, 199.TextImage
SNG Cop 1297Barce, Cyrenaica, AE16 ca 435-308 BC. 3.77 g. Laureate head of Zeus-Ammon right / Palm tree, monogram of city name to left. SNG Cop 1297; Mueller -; BMC -.TextImage
SNG Lockett 3436Barce, Cyrenaica, AR tetradrachm, 480-435 BC, 16.74 g. Silphium plant / BAΡ, head of Zeus Ammon right. SNG Lockett 3436 (this coin).TextImage