Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Pontius Pilate

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Hendin 648Judaea, Roman Procurators, Pontius Pilate AE Prutah. Dated Year 16 of Tiberius = AD 29-30 AD. IOVΛIAC KAICAΡOC, three grain ears bound together / TIBEΡIOY KAICAΡOC LIς, simpulum. SNG ANS 367, AJC II 21. TextImage
Hendin 649Roman Judaea, Pontius Pilate AE Prutah. Year 17 of Tiberius = 30 AD. TIBEΡIOY KAICAΡOC, lituus (Augur's staff) / date LIZ within wreath. SNG ANS 373, AJC II 23. TextImage
Hendin 649aPontius Pilate, procurator of Judea under Tiberius, 26-36 AD, bronze prutah of 14.7 mm, 2.05 grams. Struck in the year 29 or 30 AD. LIZ (date) within a wreath / Lituus. TextImage
Hendin 650Pontius Pilatus. AE Prutah. AD 26-36. 2.2 g. TIBEΡIOY KAICAΡOC, Lituus / Date LIH within wreath (Year 18 = AD 31). TextImage
Meshorer 230Judaea, Under The Roman Procurators: Pontius Pilate. AD 26-36. AE15mm (1.62 gm). Lituus (augur's staff) / Date within wreath (= AD 30-31). TextImage
Meshorer 331-333 muleJudaea, Prutah Mule, 30 AD. Struck by Pontius Pilate under Tiberius. IOYΛIA KAICAΡOC, three bound grain ears / Date LIZ within wreath. Mule of Meshorer 331; Hendin 1341; RPC I 4967 (obverse) and Meshorer 333; Hendin 1342; RPC 4968 (reverse). TimeLine Auctions int. no. 110707.TextImage
leptonJudaea, Pontus Pilate, procurator under Tiberius, AE lepton, (1.66g) TIBEΡOY KAICAΡ, Lituus / Wreath. TextImage
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