Ancient Coinage of Judaea, Herod Archelaus

Herod Archelaus, 4 BC - 6 AD.
[Hendin 505]

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Hendin 503Herod Archaelaus AE Two Prutot. HΡωΔOC, double cornucopia, adorned with grapes / EΘN-ΡCA-CH, war galley facing left, with aphlaston, oars, cabin and ram. Meshorer 59. TextImage
Hendin 504Herod Archelaus AE Prutah. HΡωΔ, double cornucopia, adorned with grapes / EΘN-ΡXA-CH, war galley facing to left with aphlaston, and oars; ram above. TextImage
Hendin 505Herod Archelaus AE Prutah. HΡωΔOY, bunch of grapes on vine with small leaf on left / EΘNAΡXOY, tall helmet with crest & cheek straps, viewed from front, caduceus below. TextImage
Hendin 506Herod Archelaus AE Prutah. HΡω, prow of galley right / EΘN in wreath. Hendin 506; Meshorer 72; Hendin 1197; RPC I 4916. TextImage
Hendin 507Herod Archelaus AE Prutah. HΡωΔOY, anchor with long arms / EΘN in wreath. TextImage
Hendin 508Herod Archelaus AE Prutah. HΡωΔ, anchor / EΘN, crossed cornucopias, caduceus between, N above. TextImage
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