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Sear SG 539
Beneventum, Samnium. 265-240 BC. AE 20mm (7.03 gm). BENVEN-TOD, laureate head of Apollo left / PR-O-P-OM, horse prancing right, pentagram star above. BMC 1; Sambon 193; Sear SG 539.TextFull Size
HN Italy 430Aesernia, Samnium. 263-240 BC. AE 23. VOVERNON, Head of Vulkan left, wearing pilos, tongs to right. / AISERNINON beneath Jupiter in biga galloping right; Nike flying right above, crowning horses. HN Italy 430; SNG ANS 1118.TextFull Size
HN Italy 2678Italy, Uncertain Issue. Circa 400-300 BC (?). AE 17mm. Head and neck of man-faced bull right; TΡAE above, K behind / BΡEII, grain-ear with leaf; dolphin at upper right, AB monogram at lower right. TextFull Size
Stannard Liri 100381Central Italy 1st c. BC. AE 13-14mm, 2.0 gr. Actor's laughing mask, value mark X to left / Aryballos (small flask), strigil and bath cloth (?). Stannard, Liri database 100.381 (this coin), otherwise unpublished.TextFull Size
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