Ancient Coinage of Indo Scythians, Spalirises

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MIG_695bBaktria, Spalirises with Azes AR Tetradrachm. Circa 65-40 BC. King right on horseback / Zeus standing facing, holding thunderbolt & sceptre; monograms in left & right fields. Senior 74.2. TextImage
MIG_697aBaktria, Spalirises with Azes. Circa 65-40 BC. 28mm Hemiobol. Kandahar mint. King right on horseback / Bow & arrow; monogram before. Senior 75. TextImage
Senior_74-4TINDO-SCYTHIANS. Spalirises, with Azes. Circa 70-58 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Uncertain mint west of Taxila. ca 60-58 BC. King on horseback right, holding spear / Zeus Keraunophoros standing half-left; monogram to left. TextImage
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