Ancient Coinage of Indo Scythians, Spalagdames

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MIG_691aBaktria, Indo-Scythian Kings. Spalirises, associated with Spalagdames. Early 1st Century BC. AE23. King on horseback right / Herakles seated on rocks, monogram before.TextImage
Mitch 2165Indo-Scythian Kings, Spalahores with Spalagadames AE23 Square Hemiobol. ca 85-60 BC. CΠAΛYΡIOC ΔIKAIOY AΔEΛΦOY TOY BACIΛEΩC, King right on horseback / Karosthi legend "paldhoraputrasa dhramiasa Spalagadamasa", Herakles seated left on rock, TA in circle symbol in left field. Whitehead 386-391. TextImage
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