Ancient Coinage of Kushan Kings, Kadphises I

Kujula Kadphises (30-80 AD) established the Kushan dynasty in 78 AD by taking advantage of disunion between the Pahalava (Parthian) and Scytho-Parthians, and gradually gained control of Gandhara (now Pakistan).

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Cribb_XXIV_17Kushan India. Kujula Kadphises, 30-80 AD. AR Indian tetradrachm; 14,80 g. Diademed, draped bust right / King on horseback right, being crowned by Nike. Cribb, The 'Heraeus' Coins vergl. Pl. XXIV, 17.TextImage
MIG 1052Kushan Empire. Kujula Kadphises. Circa AD 30/50-80 AD. AE Tetradrachm (20mm, 5.10 g, 4h). Helmeted bust right / helmeted warrior to right, holding transverse spear; Kharosthi letters in fields.TextImage
MIG 1053dKushan Empire, Kujula Kadphises. Circa AD 30/50-80 AD. AE Dichalkon (17mm, 2.54 g). Chach region? Laureate head left / King standing left, with sword.TextImage
Senior B5.1INDIA, Kushan Empire. Kujula Kadphises. Circa AD 30/50-80. AE 19mm 3.03 g, 6h). Helmeted head right / Warrior standing right, holding shield and spear. Senior B5.1; Donum Burns 41-2.TextImage
Senior B6.2Kushan Kings Of India. Kujula Kadphises. Circa 30-80 AD. AE Tetradrachm , 8.50 gm. Diademed and draped bust of Hermaeos right / Herakles standing left, holding club and lion's skin; Karosthi letter in field. Senior B6.2; Mitchiner 1049ff.TextImage
Senior B11.2Kushan Empire. Kujula Kadphises. Circa AD 30/50-80. 22mm (7.50 g, 6h). Bull standing right; nandipada above, Kharosthi Pu to right / Camel standing right, Kharosthi Dhra to right. Senior B11.2; Donum Burns 45 var. (letter on rev.).TextImage
Senior B11@2vIndia, Kushan Empire. Kujula Kadphises. Circa AD 30/50-80. AE Tetradrachm (10.66 g, 9h). Brahma bull standing right; Buddhist Triratana ("Three Jewels") above; Kharosthi symbol before / Dromedary standing right; Kharosthi symbol above; Kharosthi symbol before.TextImage
Whitehead 12Kujula Kadphises I and Hermaeos. 30-80 AD, AE Drachm, 20mm, 4.5 gr. legend with the name of Hermaeos, diademed and draped bust of Hermaios right / Karosthi legend, Herakles standing facing, head left, holding club and lionskin, no monograms. Whitehead 12; Calcutta 1; cf. BMC 1-8.TextImage