Ancient Coinage of Gondophares

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BMC 1Gondophares: AD 30-55, AE Tetradrachm, 24mm. BACILEWICILEWN MEGALI UNDOFRR, King on horseback right, arm extended, monogram to right / Karosthi legend (Maharaja rajadiraja tradata devatrata Gudapharasa), Zeus, naked to waist, standing right, holding long sceptre and extending right arm. monograms to left and right. BMC 1.TextImage
BMC 10Indo Parthian Kings Gondophares AE Tetradrachm. 30-50 AD. 22.14 mm, 9.1 gr. BACILEWN BACILEWN GONDOFAROU, King on horseback right, holding ankus; monogram to right / Siva facing holding trident and extending right hand, monograms to left and right. BMC 10; Whitehead 45.TextImage
BMC 13Gondophares. AD 30-55, AE Octodrachm, 27mm. BACILEWC CWTHPOC YNDOFEPPOV, diademed bust right / Karosthi legend (Maharaja Gudapharasa tradata), Nike standing right, holding wreath and palm. BMC 13.TextImage
Pieper 290Gondophares, ca 20-10 BC. AE drachm, 11 mm, 2.4 gr. Uncertain mint. BACILEWC OV OEOV VNDOFERR (barbarized), diademed, bearded bust of King right / Karosthi legend ("Maharajasa magatasa (or tradatasa) Gudapharasa") around, Athena standing right, shield on left arm, wielding thunderbolt with right hand; Arian letters ho and stra to left and right. Pieper 290-295; Mitchiner VIII, Type 1142; BMC 5-7; Cunningham, Sakas X-5.TextImage
Senior 212.1TGondophares I (ca 20-50 AD). AE Tetradrachm. 25 mm. 8.05 gm. Greek legend around diademed and bearded bust left; quiff of hair sticking up above forehead / Winged Nike standing right with wreath and palm. Karosthi legend. Karosthi Ma in left field. Senior ISCH 212.1T; Alram 1162.TextImage