Ancient Coinage of Elis, Kephalenia, Pale

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BMC 13Pale, Kephallenia, Elis. AR tetrobol, 1.66 gr. 400-350 BC. Head of Persephone right / KEΦA-ΛOΣ, Kephalos seated right, holding spear. BMC 13.TextImage
BMC 24Pale, Kephallenia, Elis. AE20, 4th c. BC. 5.94 g. ΠA, helmeted head of Athena facing, wearing triple crested Attic helmet / ΠA within laurel wreath. BMC 24. Lambros, Peloponnesos Plate H,13.TextImage
BMC 35Pale, Kephallenia, Elis. AE16, 4th c. BC. 2.32 g. Π with barley corn within / Dolphin leaping left over waves. BMC 35; SNG Cop 468.TextImage
Plant 2303Pale, Kephallenia, Elis. AE unit. 11mm, ca. 400 BC. 1.55 g. Head of Hermes left, wearing petasos / ΠA, Caduceus. Plant 2303. BMC -; SNG Cop -.TextImage
Sear SG 2936Pale, Elis, AR tetrobol, 4th cent. BC, tetrobol. Head of Persephone right / Kephalos seated right, holding spear. Sear Greece 2936.TextImage
Sear SG 2939Pale, Peloponnesos, ca 4th Century BC. AE19, 5.95 g. Π-A, three-quarter facing head of Athena, wearing triple crested helmet / ΠA within laurel wreath. BMC 24; Sear SG 2939.TextImage
SNG Cop 465Kephallenia, Pale. Circa 4th century BC. AE16mm. Head of Persephone left / ΠA monogram. TextImage
SNG Lockett 2473Pale, Kephallenia, Elis. AR tetrobol. 380-350 BC. 3.43 gr. Π-A, head of Demeter right wearing wreath of corn / KEΦAΛOΣ to right of Kephalos seated right on rock, wearing chlamys, holding spear or arrow against shoulder. SNG Lockett 2473; SNG Delepierre 2240; Mionnet II, 1.TextImage
Traite 1255Pale, Kephallenia, Elis. AR Tritetartemorion. ca. 360 BC. 0.62 gr. Head of nymph right, wearing sphendone and earring / T-T arranged foot to foot, three barley grains between the letters. Imhoof, GM in NC 1895 p. 270; Traité III 1255, (all same dies). Generally attributed to Pale, Kephallenia but to Arcadia by BCD.TextImage
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