Ancient Coinage of Elis, Kephalenia

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BMC 43Kephalleneia. Island of Same. Mid 4th-mid 3rd century BC. AE 24mm. Prow of galley right / Monogram in wreath. SNG Copenhagen 477 var.; BMC Peloponnesus pg. 93, 43. Overstruck on an earlier issue from Same, male head left / hound seated right (BMC Peloponnesus 32).TextImage
RPC 1359Kephalenia, Elis, Peloponnesos. C. Proculeius L.f. Circa 30-28 BC. AE 22mm. Terminal bust of Jupiter right; monogram behind / [C PR]O-C[CVLEI/ L-F], sting ray seen from above. RPC I 1359; BMC 65 (Cranium); Winterthur 2185-2186.TextImage
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