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SNG Cop 548Crete, Priansus. AE 17. Head of Artemis right with hair rolled / PRIANSIEWN, Date palm between dolphin and rudder. SNG Cop 548. Sear 3372 var.TextFull Size
Svoronos 3 Crete, Priansus AR Stater. ca 330300 BC. Persephone(?) enthroned left, feeding snake that approaches from left, palm tree on right / PRIAN-SEWN, Poseidon standing left, extending right hand below dolphin leaping left, & cradling trident in left arm. Le Rider 20. TextFull Size
Svoronos 12 Crete, Priansos. Circa 330-270 BC. AR Drachm. Head of Artemis(?) right / Date-palm flanked by dolphin & rudder. SNG Cop 547. TextFull Size
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