Ancient Coinage of Cilicia, Myriandrus

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SNG France 442Myriandros, Cilicia, AR hemiobol, 10mm, 0.66 gr. 429-380 BC. Head of Aphrodite left, wearing necklace and ear-rings / Baaltars seated left on throne, holding sceptre. SNG France 442; SNG Copenhagen 320 corr.TextImage
SNG Fr 425Myriandrus, Cilicia Pedias. 361-334 BD. AR Hemiobol. 10 gr. Baalters seated right on throne, holding sceptre and lotus blossom / Lion standing left, "2"-like symbol above. SNG France 2, 425; Babelon Traite II-2, 742; Newell 5; SNG Lev. 184; SNG Pfalz 952.TextImage