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Brindley 6c Cilicia, Issos AR Stater. ca 380-370 BC. Head of Athena facing slightly left, in triple-crested Attic helmet / Head of young Herakles(?) left. TextFull Size
SNGFr 420 Cilicia, Issos. Balakros. 333-323 BC. AR Stater. Facing bust of Athena, in triple-crested helmet / Baaltars seated left; grain ear, grapes to left, B to right, I below. TextFull Size
SNGLev 180 Cilicia, Issos. Time of Alexander III of Macedon, 333-323 BC. AR Stater. Draped facing bust of Athena, in triple-crested Attic helmet; I-S flanking neck / Baaltars seated left, holding lotus-tipped scepter; grain ear & grape bunch to left, I below. SNGFr 419. TextFull Size
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