Ancient Coinage of Characene, Abinergaos (Adinerglos)

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NOTE: In SGI, Sear gives the misread name as Adinerglos in error.
BMC 2Abinergaos II, Characene, AE tetradrachm. ca. AD 165-180. Spasinou Charax. 15.44 g. Diademed, draped bust right. / Herakles sitting left on rock, holding club. BMC p. 302, 2; Alram 508.TextImage
SGI 5922Kingdom of Characene, Abinergaos I, Bi. tetradrachm. AD 9-22, Diademed head right, with long beard, hair in formal curls / BACIΛEC ABINHΡΓAOY CΩTHΡOC, Herakles, sitting left, resting club on right knee. BMC p. 295, 1; Sear 5922. TextImage
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