Ancient Coinage of Caria, Hydisos

Hydisus or Hydisos, in Caria

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BMC 1Hydisus, Caria. AE19 civic issue, 100-1 BC. 4.33 gr. Helmeted and draped bust of Athena right, wearing aegis / YΔI-ΣEΩN, Ares standing front, looking right, holding spear and shield. BMC 1-2.TextImage
Imhoof KM 1Hydisos, Caria. AE18 civic issue, ca 150-50 BC. 3.17 g. Helmeted head of Ares or Zeus Areios right. / YΔI-ΣEΩN above and beneath Pegasos flying right, caduceus below. Imhoof KM 1; Waddington 2429; Imhoof GRM 2; SNG Tuebingen 3396.TextImage
Imhoof KM 2Hydisos, Caria, AE20, 4.76 gr. 1st Century BC. Bearded, helmeted, draped male bust right / YΔI-ΣEΩ in two lines to right of eagle standing right on thunderbolt, head left, wings spread. Imhoof KM 2; Dieudonné Paris Aquisitions 1902, 64; Wroth 26 in NC 1903.TextImage
Naumann 57, 290Hydisos, Caria. AE15 civic issue, ca 150-50 BC. 3 g. Helmeted head of Zeus Areios right. / YΔI-ΣEΩN above and beneath Pegasos flying right, club below. Unpublished with club below. Delrieux -; Mionnet -; Imhoof -; BMC -. etc. Naumann 57, 290.TextImage
Savoca 25, 307Hydisos, Caria, AE13, civic issue, AD 200-10 BC. 2.47 g. Helmeted head of Zeus Areios right. / YΔIΣEΩN around above from centre left, Pegasos running right. Star or monogram below. Unpublished with this legend configuration and symbol below. Delrieux -; Imhoof -; etc. Savoca 25, 307.TextImage
SNG Hel. 56Caria, Hydisus AR Hemidrachm. 1st century BC. Bearded head of Zeus Areios right in crested helmet / YΔI-ΣEΩN above and beneath winged thunderbolt. SNG Helsinki (Keckman) 56; Boston 1965. TextImage
RPC III 2208Hadrian, AE22 of Hydisus, Caria. AD 117-138. 7.39 g. AYTOKΡATOΡA TΡAIANON AΔΡIANON CEBACTON, laureate head right, slight drapery on left shoulder. / ZEYC AΡEIOC YΔICEΩN, Zeus Areios walking right, wielding spear and holding shield on left arm, eagle at foot right. RPC III 2208; SNG Munich 257.TextImage
Naumann 94, 402Septimius Severus, AE24 of Hydisos, Caria. AD 193-211. 7.43 g. AY KAI Λ CE CEYHΡOC ΠE, laureate head right. / EΠI A K _ONX..YC YΔICEΩN, Tyche standing left by altar, holding patera and cornucopiae. Unpublished. Not in Delrieux. Naumann 94, 402.TextImage
Imhoof KM 3Severus Alexander, AE23 of Hydisos, Caria. AD 222-235. 5.1 g. A K M CEYH AΛEXANΔΡ, laureate head right. / KΛ EΠIΓONOC AΡ YΔICEΩN, Bellerophon on Pegasos riding left. Imhoof KM 3; Delrieux HP6.TextImage
RPC VII 649Gordian III, AE21 of Hydisos, Caria. AD 238-244. Magistrates M. Aur. Hermonax and Metrophanes. 6.95 g. AYT K M ANT ΓOΡΔIANOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / M AY E-ΡMωNA-Σ K MHTΡ-OΦANHC C-TEΦANHΦ-OΡOI YΔIC-CEωN, (first S retrograde), legend in seven lines within laurel wreath. Delrieux HP7; RPC VII, 649; BM 1907-1-5-5; Imhoof GRM 4 in RSN 1908 corr. (attributed mint); Kraft 29 corr. (first line misread as "M AYΡ".TextImage
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