Ancient Coinage of Caria, Euromus

Euromus (= Eunomus, Eunomos; Kyromus, Hyromus), Caria, about 12 km NW of Mylasa, minted coins from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD. The most impressive of the city's ruins is the temple of Zeus, built by Hadrian with 16 inscribed columns still standing.
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BMC 4Euromus, Caria, AE21, 4.93 gr. Zeus Labraundos standing facing, holding bipennis (labrys, double axe) and spear, caps of the Dioskuri to left and right / EYΡΩMEΩN ΠOΛE, stag standing right; bipennis in right field, all within laurel wreath. BMC 4; SNG Cop. 334.TextImage
SNG vA 2521Euromus, Caria, AR hemiobol, Milesian standard, 8mm, 0.491g. ca. 4th Cent BC. Forepart of boar right / EYΡΩMΣ, laureate head of Zeus right in circular incuse. SNG von Aulock 2521.TextImage
SNG vA 2522Euromus, Caria. 2nd-1st c. BC. AE14, 2.96 gr. Laureate head of Zeus right / (downwards, to right and left) EYΡΩ-MEΩN, Bipennis (labrys or double-axe), within laurel wreath. BMC 1-2; SNG Cop. 332; SNG von Aulock 2522; Waddington 2347.TextImage
RPC 2798Augustus AE17 of Euromus, Caria. CEBACTOC, bare head right / EYΡωMEΩN, stag standing right. RPC I 2798; BMC 7.TextImage