Ancient Coinage of Cappadocia, Kybistra

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BMC 7Cybistra, Cappadocia. AE15, semi-autonomous issue. Time of Trajan. EΠI ΡOYΣONOΣ, turreted and draped bust of Tyche right / KYBIΣ-TΡEΩN above and beneath harpa. BMC 7.TextImage
Simonetta 4Kybistra, Ariarathes III, Kingdom of Cappadocia. 230 - 220 BC. Bearded head right wearing flat tiara / AΡIAΡAΘ ΔΣ KYBIΣTΡA, king riding right on horseback, wielding spear, palm tree before. Simonetta 4.TextImage
Imhoof FG 465Trajan, AE28 of Kybistra, Cappadocia. Dated Year 8 of the local era = AD 104-105. AYTOKΡ KAIC NEΡ TΡAIANOC CEB ΓEΡMA ΔAKIKOC, laureate head right / KYBICTΡEΩN ET H, river-god swimming right, holding wreath, upper body only visible, looking left. Imhoof Flussgötter 465; Falter Coll. 683. ; Fox II, p. 28, 155.TextImage