Ancient Coinage of Bruttium, Temesa

Temesa or Tempsa, on the west coast of Bruttium

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Jameson_464Bruttium, Temesa AR Nomos. Circa 430-420 BC. Tripod flanked by greaves / Corinthian helmet right, TEM below. TextImage
SNG ANS 448Bruttium, Croton & Temesa in alliance, AR Stater. ca 430420 BC. QPO (retrograde) on left, TE (retrograde) on right, tripod / QPO (retrograde), Corinthian helmet right. HN Italy 2122. TextImage
SNG Cop 1828Temesa, Bruttium, AR Stater, ca 450 BC. 7.99 g. [KRO] - TE (retrograde), tripod with lions feet / KR[O] (retrograde), Corinthian helmet right, all within circular incuse. SNG Cop. 1828; SNG ANS 448 (both: Same dies).TextImage
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