Ancient Coinage of Baktria

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SNGANS 17Baktria AR Hemidrachm. Pre-Seleukid Period, ca 325-300 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / Eagle standing left; grape-cluster behind. TextImage
SNGANS 20Baktria. Pre-Seleukid Period. Eagle Series. ca 325-300 BC. AR Diobol (10mm, 1.00 gm). Laureate & bearded head of Zeus right / Eagle standing left, head right; to right, two bunches of grapes on stalk. TextImage
SNGANS 20cfBaktria, Uncertain. Circa late 4th-early 3rd century BC. AR Obol. Turreted head of Kybele or Tyche right / Eagle standing left, head right, wings displayed. TextImage
305-294 BCSophytes, a prince, apparently independent, who ruled over a kingdom in the north of the Panjab.
256-239 BCDiodotos I, revolted from the Seleucid empire during reign of Antiochos II
256-230 BCDiodotos II, son of Diodotos I
230-190 BCEuthydemos I, overthrew Diodotos I
205-171 BCDemetrios I, son of Euthydemos I
190-171 BCEuthedemos II, son of Demetrios I
190-180 BCPentaleon, son of Demetrios I
171-160 BCAntimachos I, Brother of Demetrios and ultimately unsuccessful defender against the rebel Eukratides
171-160 BCAgathokles, son of Demetrios and co-ruler with Antimachos
160-155 BCAntimachos II
171-145 BCEukratides I, overthrew the dynasty of Euthydemos and Demetrios I
174-165 BCApollodotos I, Indo-Greek ruler who took southern part of kingdom which dissolved after Eukratides took power
145-140 BCEukratides II
145-140 BCPlato
165-130 BCMenander I Soter, Indo-Greek successor to Apollodotos I in the south
145-130 BCHeliokles_I
135-130 BCEpander, Indo-Greek co-ruler of southern province
130-110 BCStrato I
130-125? BCAgathokleia, Regent of Strato I
120-110 BCLysias, Indo Greek
110-100 BCHeliokles_II
115-95 BCAntialkidas, Indo Greek
100-95 BCPhiloxenos, Indo Greek
95-90 BCDiomedes
c.90 BCTheophilos
90-85 BCNikias
90-80 BCArchebios, Indo-Greek
90-70 BCHermaios
80-60 BCApollodotos II, Indo-Greek
70-65 BCTelephos
65-55 BCHippostratos, Indo-Greek
60-40 BCArtemidoros
40-15 BCStrato II
40-1 BCHermaios, postumous issues
Rulers of Baktria continue under the Indo-Scythians