Ancient Coinage of Arkadia, Pallantion

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BCD Peloponnesos 1593.2Achaean League - Pallantion. AR Tetrobol. Laureate head of Zeus right / Monogram of the Achaian League; P-A-L around, two monograms below; all within wreath. TextImage
BMC 23Achaean League - Pallantium. 196-146 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Laureate head of Zeus right / AX monogram; trident and monograms, all within laurel wreath. TextImage
Clerk_217Achaean League, Arkadia, Pallantion. c222 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Laureate head of Zeus right / AX monogram, P-A-L, trident upwards below; all within wreath. BMC 122. TextImage
Clerk_219Achaean League, Arcadia, Pallantium AR Hemidrachm. ca 194 BC. Laureate head of Zeus Amarios right / AX monogram, P-A-L, EY monogram & trident below. Dewing 1851, SNG Cop 290. TextImage
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