Ancient Coinage of Akarnania, Astakos

On the on the eastern shore of the Ionian Sea, 35 km NW of Missolonghi. Astakos was a member of the Acarnanian League until the middle of the 2nd century BC. Astakos minted coins only during the 4th century BC and was named Dragamesti in Byzantine times.

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BMC 1Astakos, Akarnania, AR stater, ca. 350 BC. Pegasus flying right with pointed wing / Head of Athena right with Corinthian helmet over leather cap, A-S beneath neck, crayfish behind head. BMC Corinth 1; Imhoof 1; BCD 166.TextImage
Georgiou I, 4aAstakos, Akarnania. 4th c. BC. AE18, 4.77 gr. Female head facing / AS, Cupping vessel, tongs in left field. Georgiou Group I-4a.TextImage
Pecunum 21, 154Astakos, Akarnania. AE13, mid 4th C. BC. Female head right / AΣTA, Cupping vessel; tongs in right field. BCD - ; Georgiou, Group III, 6 var (forceps in left field). Pecunum 21, lot 154.TextImage
Traite II-4, 28aAstakos, Acarnania. AR Diobol, 11mm, 0.64 gr. 400-344 BC. Free horse galloping right / AΣTA, Cupping vessel, tongs in right field. Traité II-4, 28a; Weber 2794 var (position of legend and field mark exchanged).TextImage