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John VII had seized the throne from his grandfather John V and his father Manuel II in 1390. After being removed, he legitimately came to power as regent for Manuel II from 1399 to 1402, whilst Manuel was seeking assistance in the West. Sear lists only two coins for John VIII, of identical types but different sizes and denominations.
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SB 2562John VII Palaeologus (1399-1403). AR half Stavraton (quarter hyperpyron). Constantinople. IC-XC, Bust of Christ Pantocrator, with cross nimbus, wearing himation over chiton, holding book of gospels and raising right hand, C-P across fields / + IWANIC BACILEVC O PALAOLOGO, Bust of John with forked beard, nimbate, wearing domed cross and pendilia; dot in right field. DOC 1328; Sear 2562.TextImage