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Terentia 1
sear5 #57
A Terentius Varro Denarius. 206-200 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right being crowned by Victory behind, standing on X / The Dioscuri riding right, C•TER•LVC below, ROMA in ex. Cr126/1; Syd 275. (One example)
Terentia 4
sear5 #1121
Roman Republic AE As. 169-157 BC. Janus / Prow & VARO monogram. Syd 364, Cr185/1. (3 examples)
Terentia 10
sear5 #93
Denarius of the Republic. 147 BC. Roma right, standing Victory and X behind / Dioscuri galloping right, TER LVC below. Terentia 10, Syd 425. (3 examples)
Terentia 11
sear5 #728
C. Terentius AE As, 147 BC, Head of Janus, I above. / C TER LVC and Victory above prow right, I before, ROMA in exergue. Cr217/2; Syd. 426; BMC 782. (3 examples)
Tetentia 15Denarius of Pompey the Great

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