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Sempronia 1Gracchus AR Denarius. 199-170 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right, X behind head / The Dioscuri riding right, GR below, ROMA in exergue. Cr169/1; BMCRR Italy 358 and 362.TextImage
Sempronia 2
sear5 #91
L Sempronius Pitio Denarius. 148 BC. PITIO behind helmeted head of Roma, right / The Dioscuri riding right, holding couched lances, L SEMP below, ROMA in ex. Cr216/1. (6 examples)
Sempronia 3
sear5 #726
L. Sempr Pitio, as, (24.54g) 148 BC, Head of Janus, PITIO above, either side of large I / Prow right, L SEMP above, I before, ROMA below. Cr216/2a. (2 examples)
Sempronia 4B. Sempronia AE As. 148 BC. Rome. Laureate head of Janus, I above / L SEMP above prow right (MP ligate), I to right, ROMA below. Crawford 216/2b; Sempronia 4.TextImage
Sempronia 5Roman Republic AE Semis. L. Sempronius Pitio. AD 148, 12.59 g. Laureate head of Saturn right, S behind head / L dot SEMP above prow right, S to right, ROMA below. Babelon Sempronia 5; Sydenham 403a; Crawford 216/3.TextImage
Sempronia 8Roman Republic, AE Quadrans 18mm; 5.8g. Anonymous issue. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin, three dots (value) left / L.SEMP above prow right; three dots before; ROMA beneath. Crawford 219; Babelon Sempronia 8.TextImage
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