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Plautia 1
sear5 #61
L Plautius Hypsaeus Denarius. 194-190 BC. Helmeted head of Roma right / The Dioscuri riding right. Cr134/1a, Syd 332. Click Here
Plautia 3∆ As. 194-190 BC. Laureate head of Janus / Prow right; L PL H above. Cr134/2; Syd 333. TextClick Here
Plautia 11
sear5 #375
P Plautius Hypsaeus Denarius. 60 BC. P YPSAE SC, head of Neptune right, trident behind / Jupiter in quadriga left; CEPIT right, C YPSAE COS/PRIV in ex. Cr420/1a, Syd 910. Click Here
Plautia 12
sear5 #376
L Plautius Hypsaeus AR Denarius. 60 BC. Draped bust of LeuconoŽ right / Jupiter in quadriga left. Cr420/2a. Click Here
Plautia 13
sear5 #395
A Plautius Denarius. 55 BC. Turreted hd of Cybele right, A PLAVTIVS before, AED CVR SC behind / supplicant offerng palm-branch, camel behind; IVDAEVS before, BACCHIVS below. Cr431/1, Syd 932, Hendin 741. ObverseReverse
Plautia 14
sear5 #429
L. Plautius Plancus denarius c. 47 BC. Mask of Medusa, facing, hair dishevelled, L PLAVTIVS below. / Aurora flying right with 4 horses of the Sun, PLANCVS below. Cr453/1c; BMC 4009. Click Here
Plautia 14cfL Plautius Plancus brockage denarius. 47 BC. Facing mask of Medusa / Incuse of obverse. TextClick Here
Plautia 15
sear5 #429
L. Plautius Plancus. 47 BC. AR Denarius. L PLAVTIVS, below, mask of Medusa facing, hair dishevelled, serpents at sides / PLANCVS below, Aurora flying right conducting the four horses of the sun. Cr453/1a; Syd 959. Click Here
Plautia 15a
sear5 #429
L. Plautius Plancus. 47 BC. AR Denarius. L. PLAVTIVS, facing mask of Medusa, serpents at either side of face / PLANCV, Aurora flying right and conducting the four horses of the sun. Cr453/1b; Syd 959a. Click Here
Plautia 15b
sear5 #429
L Plautius Plancus. 47 BC. AR Denarius. L PLAVTIVS, facing mask of Medusa / PLANCV, Aurora flying right, conducting the four horses of the sun. Cr453/1d, Syd 959a. Click Here
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