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Minucia 1
sear5 #152
Q Minucius Rufus AR Denarius. 122 BC. Rome Mint. Helmeted head of Roma right, X beneath chin, RVF behind / The Dioscuri riding right, Q MINV beneath horses, ROMA in ex. Cr277/1, Syd 421. (3 examples)
Minucia 3
sear5 #119
C. Augurinus. 135 BC. AR Denarius. Helmeted head of Roma right; ROMA behind, X below chin / Ionic column surmounted by statue, togate figures to left and right; C A-VG above. Cr242/1; Syd 463. (5 examples)
Minucia 9
sear5 #120
Ti. Minucius C.f. Augurinus. 134 BC. AR Denarius. X, helmeted head of Roma r. / TI MINVCI C F, RO-MA above, AVGVRINI on right; 2 togate figures, one holding a simpulum, the other a lituus, standing by statue on column. Cr243/1, Syd 494. (12 examples)
Minucia 10aTi. Minucius C.f. Augurinus Denarius. 134 BC Head of Roma right / ROMA above, divided by Ionic column, statue at top. Two togate figures to either side of column. Cr243/1 var. TextImage
Minucia 15
sear5 #125
L Minucius denarius. 133 BC. Helmeted head of Roma / Jupiter in quadriga. Cr248/1, Syd 470. (One example)
Minucia 19
sear5 #197
Minucius Thermus Mf Denarius. 103 BC. Helmeted head of Mars left / Q*TERM*MF below two warriors in combat, one on left protecting a fallen man. Syd 592, Cr319/1. (25 examples)
Syd 464bRepublic, Rome, AE18 Quadrans. C. Minucius Augurinus. Quadrans (3.85 gm). Head of young Hercules right, ooo behind / Prow of galley right; C. AVG above, ooo before, ROMA below. Crawford 242/4; Sydenham 464b; Sear 1148.TextImage
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