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Eppia 1Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio and Eppius, AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Scipio in Africa, 47-46 BC. 18 mm, 3.75 g. Q METELL downwards to right, SCIPIO IMP upwards to left of head of Africa right, wearing elephant skin headdress; grain ear before, plough below. / LEG F C upwards to left, EPPIVS downwards to right, Hercules standing facing, right hand on hip, leaning on club draped with lionskin and set on rock. Eppia 1 and Caecilia 50; Crawford 461/1; Syd. 1051; Sear Imp. 44.TextImage
Eppia 2C. Vibius Varus Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius and F. Eppius As, Sicily from 43, 15.92 g. MAGN PIVS IMP F above and beneath laureate head of Janus; altar in centre. / EPPIVS above prow right, LEG below. Babelon Pompeia 19 and Eppia 2; Cohen 2; Syd 1045; Sear Imp. 234; Cr. 478/1a.TextImage
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