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Egnatia 1
sear5 #327
C. Egnatius Cn. f. Cn. n. Maxsumus Denarius. 75 BC. Bust of Libertas right, pileus & MAXSVMVS behind / Roma & Venus, holding staffs, Roma with sword & foot on wolf's head; Cupid alighting on Venus' shoulder; C. EGNATIVS CN F below; CN N right. Syd 788, Cr391/3. (2 examples)
Egnatia 1a
sear5 #327
Cn Egnatius Cn f Cn n Maxsumus Denarius Serratus. ca 75 BC. Diademed, draped bust of Venus right, Cupid perched on shoulder, MAXSVMVS behind, control number VIII below / Liberty in slow biga left, above Victory flying right to crown her, C EGNATIVS CN F/CN N in ex. Cr391/1b, Syd 786a. (One example)
Egnatia 2
sear5 #326
Cn. Egnatius Cn.f. Cn.n. Maxsumus. 76 BC. Denarius. MAXSVMVS, Diademed bust of Liberty; liberty cap behind / Cn. Egnativs Cn.f.-Cn.n-H, Roma & Venus standing facing; Venus caressed by Cupid, oar & prow on either side. Crawford 391/3; Syd 787. (10 examples)
Egnatia 2a Rare Roman Republic Egnatia 2a AR Denarius TextImage
Egnatia 3
sear5 #325
Cn. Egnatius Cn.f. Cn.n. Maxsumus. 75 BC. AR Denarius. Bust of Cupid right, bow and quiver on shoulder / Jupiter and Liberty within distyle temple. Cr391/2; Syd 788; Egnatia 3. (3 examples)
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