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Wildwinds goes from strength to strength! We have experienced very strong continued growth in site traffic since the re-launch in spring 2009.
Since May 2009, the number of site visits increased to an average of over 25,000 hits per day in February 2023.
In addition, the number of coins on wildwinds has risen from 54,900 (July 2009) to over over 76,000 in January 2024.

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Since the re-launch in spring 2009, the number of site visits has increased to an average of over 26,000 per day. The Wildwinds site offers a unique opportunity to access this worldwide market of collectors, researchers and numismatists – and with such phenomenal growth, the benefits of advertising here will only increase: email Advertising Enquiries

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Forum Ancient Coins - a great place to go. - Network di numismatica per i collezionisti di monete


Timeline Auctions: Coins and Antiquities from all time periods, Books etc. Auction

Catawiki Auctions: Looking for an alternative to ebay ? See the coins etc. for sale on Catawiki Auctions!


Helvetica's RIC lists, Dozens of xls lists compiled by Dane to precisely identify your Roman (and some Greek and Provincial) coins. Practise first using the short "how to" pdf. (Some additional lists are in a password protected area)

Check coins BEFORE you buy, unless you are buying from a reputable dealer. Not all ebay sellers with good feedback are reputable ! Modern fakes are being brought into the West by the thousand by immigrants from Eastern Europe. When in doubt, join Forum Ancient Coins and ask!

Forum's Fake Gallery

Forgery Network

Swindlers: Fake Buyers, Coin thieves, purchase frauds and thefts etc. Useful page to see what tricks they use.


RPC Online: at the Ashmolean Museum, covering RPC I, II, III and others with temporary numbers.

Francis Bourcher's collection of Julia Domna coins and other interesting sections (in French)

Celtic coins by John Hooker

The Museum of Roman Countermarks

Ancient Imitations of Roman Republican Denarii

The Alexandru Marian Collection of Domitian Coins

Meepzorp's Coin Collection on Forum Ancient Coins

Heather Howard's online Collection at Without a subscription you can see the thousands of coins from auctions from the last 6 months for free. (Tip: Use the Boolean search with AND or NOT.)

acsearch: A large ancient coin database similar to coinarchives above.

Zeno The large Zeno database of Oriental, Arabic, African Coins and more..


Archive.Org, archive website for numerous numismatic book pdfs, including the BMC Greece volumes, Imhoof, Mionnet, AMNG etc.

Digital Numismatic Library: the world's largest list of links to digital numismatic books is now sadly of on scribd and require an upload of up to 9 (!) pdfs before you can download anything.

Historia Numorum online and much more (Ed Snible). 


Self-adhesive coin holders, boxes, etuis and capsules of all sizes and materials, from Nufira, Slovenia. Great prices, good quality, delivery worldwide, recommended by Dane!

Frederic Weber's Website of Roman Coins, articles and collection (French and English)

RG's Getting Started with Ancient Coins

ArtAncient: Antiquities, Coins & Artifacts

Coin Update - Daily Coin Collecting News


USA, US coins, coin supplies and US coin literature

Website and database of all kinds of World Coins including English coins from early 19th century onwards

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