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Barron 11Ionia, Islands off. Samos. Circa 210-190 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.78 gm). Facing lion's scalp / Forepart of bull right; peacock, krater, and grain-ear below. TextImage
Barron 161Samos, island of Ionia. Samos. Ca. 370-365 BC. Silver tetradrachm (15.21 gm). Facing lion scalp / SA, collared ox forepart running right, laurel branch behind, magistrate's name [MO]IRADH[S] above. Barron 161 (only one recorded). TextImage
BMC 25ffSamos, Ionia, AR tetrobol, (2.16g) 5th century BC, Forepart of bull left. / Forepart of bull left. TextImage
BMC 79Ionia, Islands off, Samos. Circa 398-365 BC. AR Obol. Facing scalp of lion / Forepart of bull right; SA below. Barron pg. 213, 1-2. TextImage
BMC 135Samos, AR tetradrachm, 400-365 BC. Magistrate Epikrates Acheloios. 23.31 mm, 15.01 gr. Lion's scalp facing / EPIKRATHS ACELWIO above, SA beneath forepart of bull right, upright olive branch in left field. Barron 158; BMC 135; Gardner period IV, 3.TextImage
BMC 147Islands off Ionia, Samos. Circa 394-365 BC. AE19mm. Head of Hera left, wearing stephane, necklace, and earring / Facing lion's head. SNG von Aulock 2296. TextImage
BMC 177Samos, Islands of Ionia, AR 17mm, 2.98 gr. ca 200 BC. Head of lion facing / SAMIWN, forepart of bull right, peacock and amphora below. Barron, Samos 11; Prowe III 1116; BMC 177; Gardner, Samos 4.TextImage
BMC 202Samos Island, Ionia, AE20, 2nd-1st C. BC. 8.37 gr. Diademed head of Hera right within circle of dots / SAMIWN, Peacock standing right on caduceus, monograms in field. SNG Cop 1721; BMC 202; Lindgren I 593.TextImage
BMC 222Samos, Ionia, AE14, 2.89 gr. semi-autonomous. AD 198-268. Prow right / CAMIWN, herm of a male figure facing. SNG Cop 1727; Mionnet Supp. VI, 178; BMC 222-223.TextImage
CNG 61, 719Islands Of Ionia, Samos AR Tetradrachm. ca 400-365 BC. Facing lion scalp / SA, forepart of bull right, branch behind; magistrate QEOGNHU. Barron, (unrecorded magistrate); SNG Copenhagen -. CNG 61, 719. TextImage
McClean 8404Islands off Ionia, Samos AR Tetradrachm. Circa 408/4-366 BC. Alkmeon, son of Hegemoneus, magistrate. Facing lion's scalp / SA below nose, forepart of bull right; branch behind, ALKMEWN HGEMONEWS above. TextImage
Mitchiner 566Samos, Ionia, ca 500 BC, AR 1/24 stater, 8mm, 0.8g. Forepart of a lionskin seen from above / Scorpion. Mitchiner's Ancient Trade & Early Coinage 566.TextImage
RPC 2681Augustus (?). Samos, Ionia, AE18; 4.59g. AD 1st cent. Laureate head right / SAMIWN, Peacock standing right on caduceus, sceptre behind. AMC 1324; RPC 2681; SNG Cop. 1728.TextImage
SNG Cop 1673Samos, Ionia, AR drachm, (2.87g) Forepart of winged boar left. / Lion scalp facing, dotted border, all in incuse square. TextImage
SNG Cop 1673vIonia, Islands off. Samos. Circa 526-522 BC. AR Drachm (3.28 gm). Forepart of a winged boar left / Facing lion's scalp in dotted incuse square. TextImage
SNG Cop 1678Islands off Ionia, Samos AR Tetradrachm. Circa 485-439 BC. Facing lion's scalp / SA, forepart of bull right. TextImage
SNG Cop 1691Samos, Ionia. 394-365 BC. AE8, 0.74 gr. Prow right / SA, Amphora within olive wreath. SNG Cop 1691; SNG von Aulock 8028; BMC 125; Sear Greece 4665: SNG Tuebingen 3277.TextImage
SNG Cop 1692Ionian Islands, Samos. ca 350 BC. AE 14mm. Head of Hera right, in stephane & necklace / SA, facing lion's scalp. BMC 143-144. TextImage
SNG Cop 1706vIonian Islands, Samos. ca 3rd Century BC. AE 13mm. Three-quarter facing head of Hera, head turned slightly right, in a necklace / SA, prow of a Samian galley left; magistrate SKATA below. TextImage
SNG Cop 1717Samos, Ionia, AE13, 205-129 BC. 2.05 gr. Diademed head of Hera right / SAMIWN, lion's head facing. SNG Copenhagen 1717; SNG Lewis 963.TextImage
SNG Lockett 2866Samos, Ionia; AR obol, 537-522 BC; Time of Polykrates; 0.64 g. Lion's head facing / Quadripartite incuse square. SNG Lockett 2866; SNG Lewis 887.TextImage
SNG vA 229Islands Of Ionia, Samos AR Drachm. ca 400-365 BC. Facing lion scalp / SA, forepart of bull right; magistrate DHMWN. Barron 8. TextImage
Traite 7cfSamos(?). Circa 600-550 BC. EL 1/24th Stater. Sphinx seated left / Incuse punch with irregularly spaced dots. TextImage
Sear #3520Samos, AR drachm. c526-522 BC, Forepart of winged boar left / Lion scalp facing, within dotted & linear square, all within incuse square. BMC 42. TextObv*Rev
Sear #3523Miletos, Ionia, AR 1/12 stater. c 525 BC, Head of lion right / Star ornament within incuse square. SNG Cop 952. TextImage
Sear #4634Ionia, Samos AR Trihemiobol. 453-439 BC. Forepart of winged boar left / lion's head left within incuse square. TextImage
Sear #4635Samos, Ionia, AR diobol, panther TextObv*Rev
Sear #4655Samos Ionia, AR hemidrachm, lion / ox TextObv*Rev
Sear #4665Ionian Islands: Samos AE8. Late Fifth Century BC. Forepart of Samian Galley / S-A; Amphora, all within olive wreath. BMC 125. TextImage
Sear #4666Samos, Ionia, AE14. Before 365BC. Diademed head of Hera left / Lion scalp facing.
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Sear #4674Ionian Islands, Samos AE12. Late 3rd - early 2nd Century BC. Diademed head of Hera right / Prow of Samian Galley; magistrate's name. TextImage
RPC 2681Augustus. 17mm of Samos, Ionia. SAMIWN, laureate head right / Peacock standing on caduceus, right, behind, sceptre. RPC 2681.TextImage
SNG Cop 1737Commodus AE18 of the Ionian Island of Samos. M AV KOMODOC, laureate head right / CAMIWN, cult statue of the Samian Hera, wearing modius & holding fillets, peacock to either side. TextImage
SNG vA 2307vJulia Domna AE30mm of Samos, Ionia. IOYALIA DOMNA CEB, draped bust right / CA MI WN, statue of Hera standing facing within tetrastyle temple. TextImage
BMC 307Gordian III AE 20mm of Samos. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / River deity reclining left and leaning upon vase from which river flows, reed in right hand.TextImage
BMC 316Tranquillina AE22 of Samos, Ionia. FOPIA TRA NKVLLINA, diademed & draped bust right / CAMIWN, river god reclining left, holding reed & cornucopia.TextImage
BMC 278Severus Alexander (222 - 235) Bronze. 11.39 g. of Samos, Ionia. AVT K M AVR ALEXANDROC, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / CAMIWN, warrior walking right, looking back, holding shield, foot on prow. BMC 278.TextImage
BMC 326Philip II, AE of Samos, Ionia. 245-247 AD. 9.13 g. M IOV FILIPPOC KAICAR, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right / CAMIWN, cult image of Hera facing. BMC 326.TextImage
SNG Copenhagen 1777Philip II, as Caesar AE 21mm of Samos, Ionia. Bare-headed, draped, & cuirassed bust right / CAMI, WN in exergue, figure of Imbrasus River reclining left, holding reed & cornucopiae.TextImage
SNG Cop 1779Trajan Decius, AE28, (10.34g) Samos, Islands of Ionia, AVT TPAIANOC DEKIOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / SAMIWN, Tetrastyle column with arched architrave, containing cult statue of Hera or Artemis Ephesia. SNG von Aulock 2324; SNG Cop 1779; BMC 336.TextImage
SNG Cop 1795cfValerian I AE15 of Samos, island off Ionia. ..LIK VALEPIANO..., laureate cuirassed bust right / CAMIWN, cult statue of Samian Hera standing facing holding anchor.TextImage
SNG vA 2329Valerian I AE 27mm of Samos, Ionia. AVT K POLIC VALEPIANOC, Laureate, draped bust right / CAM-IWN, Tetrastyle temple with arch above cultus statue of Samian Hera standing facing. TextImage
BMC 380Gallienus, AE24 of Samos, Ionia. AD 253-268. 8.09 g. AYT K ΠO ΛIK ΓAΓΓIHNOC, laureate, draped bust left / CAMIΩN, Nemesis standing front, veiled, wheel at foot left. BMC 380; SNG Cop 1807.TextImage
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