Ancient Coinage of Alexander The Molossian of Epirus

Alexander I, the Molossian, son of Neoptolemos, King of Epiros 342-331 BC.

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BMC 7-8Alexander the Molossian, King of Epeiros, 343-331 BC. AE18. 4.16 g. Eagle standing right, wings closed, tripod to left, olive branch to right. / AΛEΞA TOY NE, above and beneath thunderbolt within wreath. BMC 7-8; SNG Cop 90; Paris 286 .TextImage
Dessau 311Alexander, King of Epeiros, 342-330 BC. AE19. Mint in Southern Italy. AΛEXANΔΡOY around shield with thunderbolt in its centre. / Thunderbolt in laurel wreath. Dessau 311 (this coin); Franke, Epirus S. 90, Pl. 11,D (this coin).TextImage
Dewing 1438Alexander the Molossian, King of Epeiros, 343-331 BC. AR stater. 10.94 g. Mint in Southern Italy. Head of Zeus right, wreathed with oak, Γ beneath neck. / AΛEXANΔΡOY TOY NEOΠTOΛEMOY above and beneath thunderbolt. BMC 3-4; Dewing 1438; Vlasto 9c (this coin); Ward 460 (ditto); Weber 3012.TextImage
Paris AAGR383Alexander the Molossian, King of Epeiros, 343-331 BC. AE38. 31.6 g. Head of Alexander right, wearing lionskin headdress. / AΛEΞANΔΡOΣ to right of eagle standing right, wings closed, thunderbolt above, key-like monogram or symbol to left, long club to right, three golden balls at the eagle's feet. Paris AA.GR.383.TextImage
Vlasto 1786Alexander, the Molossian, King of Epeiros, 342-330 BC. AE19. 6.85 g. Mint in Southern Italy. Helmeted head of Athena right, griffin on bowl of helmet. / MOΛOΣΣΩN, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, wings closed. Vlasto 1786 (this coin); SNG Cop 51; Lafaille collection 336; Franke 3-4 (this coin).TextImage
Vlasto 1864Calabria. Alexander the Molossian, 342331, AV Litra (0.66 gm). Radiate head of Helios inclined slightly to left / AΛ-EΞ above and beneath thunderbolt. BMC 2; SNG ANS 976. Vlasto 18641865. TextImage
Vlasto 1873Alexander the Molossian. King of Epeiros, 350-330 BC. AR Diobol. Struck circa 333-331/0 BC. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly left / AΛEXANΔΡOY TOY NEOΠTOΛEMOY, thunderbolt. BMC 5-6; Vlasto, Alexander, type 8; Vlasto 1873-1874; Jameson 1123. TextImage
See:pdf: Vlasto article on the Alexander coins of the Carosino and Molossian finds (Pages 154 ff and plates IX-XI) in NC 1926.
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