Ancient Coinage of Elis, Kephalenia, Same

Same, was the most ancient city in Cephallenia, and was situated on the eastern coast of the island. The map was kindly provided by Peter Weber of the Greek-Roman war games Rome Total History

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BMC 7Same, Elis, Cephallenia, AR 12mm, Triobol ca 370 BC, 2.44 g. Facing head of Athena, wearing triple-crested helmet / SAMAI, ram standing left. BMC 7; Traité 1266; Weber (DE) 1965.TextImage
BMC 25Same, Elis, Cephallenia, AE unit, ca 370 BC, 3.94 g. Head of Kephalos right, hair bound in a taenia / SAMAIWN, the hound Lailaps sitting right, raising right front paw against a spearhead or arrowhead. BMC 25; Traité 1272; Winterthur 2182.TextImage
BMC 43Same, Elis, Cephallenia, AE24, ca 350 BC, 5.32 g. Prow of galley right on a human head left / SAMA monogram within wreath. BMC 43.TextImage
Traite 1263Same, Elis, Cephallenia, AR 15mm, tetrobol, ca 370 BC, 3.64 g. Head of Kephalos left, hair bound in a taenia / SAMA-I-WN (WN retrograde), the hound Lailaps standing right. Luynes 2278; Traite II-3, 1263.TextImage
Traite 1270Same, Elis, Cephallenia, AE unit, ca 350 BC, 3.76 g. Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet / SAMAIWN, ram standing right. Traité II-3, 1270; BMC 19 var (Athena head left).TextImage
Traite 1271Same, Elis, Cephallenia, AE unit, ca 350 BC, 3.71 g. Bare head of Kephalos right / SAMA-IWN, the hound Lailaps sniffing the ground right. Traité II-3, 1271.TextImage
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