Ancient Coinage of Cyclades, Arkesine

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Weber 4617Arkesine, Cyclades. AE17. Late 3rd-early 2nd c. BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / ARK, ram standing right. Liampi 26b; Weber 4617 (this coin); Head Hist. Num, p. 481.TextImage
Weber 4617varArkesine, Cyclades, AE. 3rd-2nd. C. BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / AR, ram grazing right. Liampi -; SNG Cop -; Weber 4617 var (ram standing right).TextImage
See alsoLiampi: The coinage of Amorgos: Aigiale, Arkesine, Minoa and the koinon of the Amorgians by Katerini Liampi. PDF on persee.fr.

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