Pegasus Corinth Staters Athena

Fourth and Third Centuries to Circa B.C. 243.

This information covers a large class of Ancient Greek coins known as Staters, from the province of Corinth, decorated with Chief Magistrate's initials or monograms (optional) plus a symbol (optional) in the field of the reverse. The Obverse of these Staters has an image of Pegasus and the Reverse an image of Athena wearing a Corinthian Helmet (sometimes laureate but mostly not) over a leather cap (but not always!).

Additionally the reverse is usually decorated with a "symbol" which can be in front, behind, over or under the image of Athena. Often there are Greek letters on the reverse to differentiate differing variants. In the majority of cases the helmet worn by Athena is plain (unembellished) but there is a series where the helmet is laureate.
This laureate series has the letters A (Alpha) and P (Rho) on the reverse. This is Period 5, Series VIII.