Ancient Coinage of Corcyra

Corcyra or Korkyra, modern Corfu; an island in the Ionian Sea, off the coast of ancient Epieros, or modern Albania.

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BMC 169Epiros, Korkyra. Ca. 350-300 BC. AE 16. Forepart of bull right / grapes. TextImage
BMC 387Korkyra AR Hemidrachm. ca 229-48 BC. Pegasos flying left, ethnic in monogram form below / Head of Aphrodite left; monogram behind. McClean 5224. TextImage
BMC 536Corcyra, Magistrate Philo, AE 20, 300-229 BC. Herakles / Prow. TextImage
Mionnet II, 39Korkyra, AE13 civic issue, 300-229 BC. 2.13 g. Veiled head of Dione right, fish upright behind head / Prow of galley right, KOΡ monogram in right field. Mionnet II, 39; SNG Evelpidis 1927.TextImage
SNG Cop 137Korkyra. ca 229-48 BC. AE 21mm. Head of Herakles right in lionskin / KOR monogram, prow of a galley right; ΦIΛΩN Prytanes. BMC 539. TextImage
SNG Cop 141Korkyra AR Stater. ca 550-500 BC. Cow standing right, head left, suckling calf standing left / Stellate pattern within double rectangles; square & diamond within. TextImage
SNG Cop 148Corcyra, silver obol, 0.973g, max. dia. 9.2mm. Scallop shell / Four pointed star of five pellets in incuse punch. SNG Cop 148; BMC Corcyra (Thessaly etc.) p. 120, 99 var. (swastika shape and K reverse).TextImage
SNG Cop 169Korkyra. ca 4th Century BC. AE 18mm. Dionysos, hurling a thyrsos, riding a galloping panther right / KOP, satyr standing right, emptying a large amphora into a krater. TextImage
SNG Cop 182Korkyra, Epeiros, 300-229 BC, AE19. Prow right / K-O to left and right of kantharos. SNG Cop 182.TextImage
SNG Cop 198Corcyra (Corfu), AR didrachm, after 229 BC. 4.94g, 19mm. Head of Dionysos right, wreathed with ivy / Pegasos flying right; o on MP below. SNG Cop 198.TextImage
SNG Cop 212Corykyra, early Roman rule, ca. ca 229-48 BC. AE18mm, 6.91 g. Wreathed head of Dionysos right / K-O to left and right of kantharos, wreathed and containing ivy branch. SNG Evelpidis 1944 var. (head left); SNG Copenhagen 212; BMC 316 var (two branches); BMC 396 var (bunch of grapes above).TextImage
SNG Cop 221Korkyra. Circa 229-48 BC. AE 17mm. Laureate head of Poseidon right; trident / Bull's head facing, in wreath. TextImage
SNG Cop 227Corcyra (Corfu), AE24, 11.68 g, 3rd-1st century BC. Jugate heads of youthful Herakles and Korkyra, wearing stephane, right / KOΡKYΡAIΩN AΡIΣTEAΣ AΡIΣTΩNOΣ, prow right. SNG Cop. 227; BMC 493.TextImage
SNG Cop 239Korkyra AE 23mm. Circa 229-48 BC. Laureate head of Poseidon right; trident behind / Prow of galley right; ΦIΛΩNIΔAΣ (Prytanes). TextImage
SNG Cop 240Korkyra AE 27mm. ca 229-48 BC. Jugate heads of youthful Herakles, laureate, & Korkyra, in an ivy wreath, right / KOΡKYΡAIΩ-N, prow of a galley right; ΦIΛΩTAΣ Prytanes. BMC 557. TextImage
SNG Cop 251Korkyra. Circa 48 BC, 138 AD. AE 19mm. Zeus Casius enthroned left, holding sceptre / Agreus, holding cornucopiae, standing left betwen two columns. BMC Thessaly 591ff. TextImage
SNG Fitz 2637Korkyra. ~450-420 BC. AR Stater (9.82 gm). Cow standing left, head right, with suckling calf / Double stellate pattern in square frame; KOP around, thyrsos left. TextImage
BMC 659Septimius Severus AE18 of Korkyra (Corfu). AD 193-211. Laureate head right / KOΡKYΡIΩN, Pegasus. TextImage
BMC 661Corcyra. Septimius Severus AE26. Λ C CEBHΡO C ΠEΡ CE, laureate bust right / KOΡKYΡΩN, Pegasus, bridled, galloping right. Lindgren 1480.TextImage
BMC 662Septimius Severus AE 24mm of Corcyra. A K Λ CEΠ CEYHΡOC ΠE, laureate head right / KOΡKYΡIΩN, galley sailing right; dolphin swimming right in exergue. SNG Cop 263. TextImage
Lindgren II 1481Julia Domna, AE25 of Corcyra, Epirus, 10.18 gr. IOYΛIA ΔOMNA CEB, draped bust right / KOΡKY-ΡAIΩN above and beneath Pegasus flying right. Sear GIC 2326; Chaix 238; Lindgren II 1481.TextImage
BMC 691Plautilla AE 27mm of Corcyra. Draped bust right / Pegasos, bridled, galloping right. TextImage
Mionnet II, 76Plautilla, AE22; 6.05 g.of Korkyra (Corfu), Epirus. ΠΛAYTIΛΛA CEBA, draped bust right / KOΡKYΡAIwN, Woman standing left, holding short sceptre over left shoulder, right hand raised. Mionnet II, 76.TextImage

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