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BMC 29Aphrodisias, Caria, Semi-autonomous, AE24, ca 200-250 AD. [IE]ΡA CVNKΛHTOC, head of Senate right, hair bound in a taenia / AΦΡOΔ[EIC]IEΩN, Aphrodite standing left, holding patera and sceptre. BMC 29.TextImage
BMC 56Aphrodisias, Caria, Semi-autonomous, AE24, ca 200-250 AD. [IE]ΡA CVNKΛHTOC, head of Senate right, hair bound in a taenia / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, Tree with three branches growing up from a trellis work enclosure BMC 56.TextImage
BMC 75Aphrodisias, Caria, semi-autonomous AE, ca. 238 - 249. 8.21 g. IEΡA CYNKΛHTOC. Diademed and draped bust of the Senate right / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, Prize crown inscribed ΓOΡΔIANHA, with palm branch on table with lions' feet, ATTAΛHA in three lines between two purses below. BMC 75.TextImage
BMC 81Aphrodisias, Caria, Semi-autonomous, AE21, AD 260-268. 5.31 g. ΔHMOC, unbearded, youthful, laureate, draped bust right / AΦΡOΔEICIE-ΩN, eagle, standing facing, head left, wings spread, holding serpent in claws. BMC 81; MacDonald R591; Kurth, Demos 756.TextImage
MacDonald 115Aphrodisias, Caria, Semi-autonomous, AE24, 3-Assaria, ca 200-250 AD. 7.91 gr. IEΡA CVNKΛHTOC, diademed and draped, youthful bust of Senate right / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, MÍn standing left, resting foot on bucranium, holding patera and long sceptre. MacDonald Type 115; SNG Cop 100; Weber 6392.TextImage
Macdonald 128Aphrodisias, Caria, Semi-autonomous, AE17, Severan times, ca 193-211 AD. 3.33 gr. Quarter Assarion. Bust of Serapis right, wearing kalathos / AΦΡOΔICIEΩN, Isis standing left, crescent behind shoulders, holding sistrum and situla. Macdonald Type 128; BMC 71; Waddington 2184.TextImage
MacDonald 131Aphrodisias, Caria, semi-autonomous issue. AE24. IEΡA CYNKΛHTOC, draped bust of Senate right / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, leafless tree with three branches springing separately from a trellis enclosure, a lighted altar to left and right. Macdonald Type 131; BMC 58. TextImage
MacDonald 145Aphrodisias, Caria. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Early 3rd Century AD. AE 25mm (8.57 g, 6h). IEΡOC ΔHMOC, unbearded, youthful, laureate and draped bust of Demos right / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, cult statue of Aphrodite right, veiled and wearing kalathos; behind her a small veiled figure of a priestess seated right and in front, an altar or fountain. MacDonald Type 145. BMC 33 var (bust type); SNG von Aulock 2443 var (ditto); SNG Cop. 107 var (ditto).TextImage
MacDonald 209Aphrodisias, Caria, Semi-autonomous, AE20, ca 200-265 AD. 5.27 gr. IEΡA BOYΛH, veiled and draped bust of Boule right / AΦΡOΔICIEΩN, Aphrodite standing left, holding apple and sceptre. Macdonald Type 209.TextImage
Mionnet 594 (rev)Aphrodisias, Caria, AE27, Time of Philip I, 244-249 AD. ΔHMOC, unbearded, laureate head right / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, Panther right, playfully licking stag. Probably unpublished. This reverse: Mionnet, IV, p. 108, 594. Rohde 11773. (See also another unpublished coin with the same reverse from Philadelpheia, Lydia).TextImage
MacDonald 55Hadrian AE28 Diassarion of Caria, Aphrodisias. AV K ΛI TΡAIN AΔΡIANOC CE, laureate and cuirassed bust right, seen from front, slight drapery on left shoulder / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, cult state of Artemis of Aphrodisias standing facing within tetrastyle shrine with arched central bay; ornate roofline.TextImage
Imhoof GM 417Julia Domna, AE31mm of Aphrodisias, Caria. 7.35 g. Magistrate Menestheus Isobounos. AD 195-196. IOYΛIA ΔOMNA AYΓOYCTA, draped bust right / EΠI AΡX TΩN ΠE MENECΘ-EA ICOBOYNON in two circles around, AΦΡOΔEICI-EΩN below, Aphrodite standing left, holding Eros and sceptre. Imhoof GM 417; MacDonald 83b.TextImage
SNG von Aulock 2463Gordian III AE 36mm of Caria, Aphrodisias. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right [c/m: Δ] / Prize urn on table; amphora below. SNG von Aulock 2463-4 [c/m: Howgego 788].TextImage
BMC 126Gordian III AE 3 Assaria of Aphrodisias in Caria. AVK M AN ΓOΡΔIANOC CE, radiate, draped & cuirassed bust right / AΦΡOΔEICIEΩN, cult-statue of Aphrodite right on plinth between small figure of priestess(?) & low altar with conical cover(?); on either side, cippus surmounted by Eros, poised on one leg, holding torch toward cult statue.TextImage
SNGvA 8066Valerian I, AE of Aphrodisias, Caria. 253-260 AD, Archontus Julianus. 15.56 g. AY KAI ΠOΛI OYAΛEΡIANOC, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right / EΠI AΡX OIOVAΛIANOY, two prize crowns, inscribed ΓOΡΔIANHA and OYAΛEΡIANA, each with palm branch on agonistic table with lion's legs, palm branches beneath table. AΦ-ΡO ΔE-CI-EΩN below and in exergue. SNG v. Aulock 8066; Macdonald 212.TextImage
BMC 152Salonina AE23 of Aphrodesias, Caria. IOV KOΡN CAΛΩNIN, diademed & draped bust right, crescent behind shoulders / AΦΡO ΔCIE, cult statue of Kore standing right.TextImage
Mauromichaelis 40Salonina, AE19 of Aphrodisias, Caria. AD 253-268. KOΡ CAΛΩNINA, draped bust right / AΦΡOΔICIEΩN, Tyche, kalathos on head, standing left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Mauromichaelis Coll. 40 (JIAN 1903); MacDonald Type 233.TextImage
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