Ancient Coinage of Arkadia, Arkadian League

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Note: This page is being used for coins of uncertain mints of the Arcadian League as well as those from cities which do not have their own pages yet.
BMC 1Alea, Arcadian League, Arcadia, late 4th-3rd century BC. AE11, 1.91g. Head of Artemis right / A-Λ, strung bow. BCD Peloponnesos 1347; BMC 1.TextImage
BMC 52The Arcadian League, AR Triobol, 370-280 BC. Laureate head of Zeus left. I behind head / Pan seated left, holding lagobolon, AΡK monogram in left field, I in right field. BMC 52; Sear Greek 2687. TextImage
BMC 66Megalopolis, Arkadia, AE19, Arkadian League issue. Trichalkon, ca 340-275 BC. Horned head of Pan right / AΡK monogram; syrinx (Pan pipes) below, N in upper left field. BMC 66; Hoover HGC 934.TextImage
BMC 70 varMegalopolis, Arkadian League issue, AE12. ca 330-275 BC. 2.10 g. Horned head of Pan right / AΡK monogram, syrinx below, ΘE in left field. BMC 70 var (head left); Mionnet II, 14 var (ditto).TextImage
BMC 75Megalopolis, Arkadian League issue, AE18. Trichalkon, ca 363-350 BC. 4.04 g. Laureate head of Zeus left / AΡK monogram, syrinx below, all within oak wreath. BMC 75; BCD Peloponnesos (Megalopolis) 1514-1515.TextImage
BMC 87 varMegalopolis, Arkadia, AE17, Arkadian League issue. Dichalkon (4th-3rd c. BC). Laureate head of Zeus left / AΡK monogram; syrinx (Pan pipes) below. BMC 87-88 var (additional letters on rev) BCD Pelop. 1539.4 var (ditto).TextImage
SNG Cop 175Arcadian League, Arcadia, ca 477-428 BC. AR Hemidrachm 3.00 gm. Uncertain mint. Zeus Lykaios seated left, holding eagle in extended right hand, sceptre in left / [A]Ρ-K-[A]-ΔI-ON, head of deity right, hair bound and tied in knot behind head, wearing necklace, within incuse square. cf. BMC 39; SNG Cop. 175; cf. Dewing 1935.TextImage
SNG Cop 197Arcadian League, Arcadia, AR obol. After ca 370 BC. 0.80 gm. Head of young Pan left / AΡK monogram; syrinx below. SNG Copenhagen 197ff.TextImage
SNG Fitz 3841Arcadian League, Arcadia, Tegea?. Ca 477-468 BC. AR Hemidrachm 3.06 gm). Zeus seated left, eagle flying from outstretched hand / [A]ΡK[A]-ΔI-KON, head of deity right, within incuse square. Williams 89 (O62/R54); SNG Fitzwilliam 3841-3842.TextImage
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