Ancient Coinage of Italy, Insubres and Cisalpine Tribes

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Castelin 1025Celtic, Italy, Cisalpine Tribes. 2nd Century BC. AR drachm. 15mm, 3.23g. Imitating Massalia. Head of nymph right / Lion right; pseudo-legend above. CCCBM II Type IC. Castelin 1025.TextImage
FAKE CCCBM 2FAKE: published in the IBSCC Bulletin on Counterfeits Vol. 21, N.1, 1996, p.14, Fig.2.Celtic, The Cisalpine Tribes. Imitation of Massalia. Mid 2nd Century BC. AR Drachm. Female head right / MASSA, 'Wolf' lion standing right. TextImage
CCCBM 18Celtic, The Cisalpine Tribes. Imitation of Massalia. ca 3rd Century BC. AR Lightweight Drachm. Nymph head right / MASSA, 'Wolf'-lion standing right. TextImage
CCCBM S11Cisalpine Gaul, Cisalpine Tribes AR Drachm. Head of a nymph facing right, in a necklace & a triple-pendant earring / MSSM above lion of scorpion type standing right. TextImage
CCCMB S18Cisalpine Gaul, Italy, AR Drachm. Head of a Nymph right, wearing a triple pendant earring / MΣΣM above Lion with scorpion's head standing right (type ). TextImage
DLT 2106Cisalpine Gaul, Cisalpine Tribes AR Drachm. Head of a nymph right, wearing a necklace & triple-pendant earring / MΣΣM above lion, of scorpion type, standing right. TextImage
DLT 2126Celtic, Cisalpine Tribes or Cenomani. Imitating Massalia. Mid 2nd Century BC. AR Drachm (3.27 gm). Female head right / 'Scorpion' lion standing right. CCCBM II 7. (NOTE: The third example is a modern fake). TextImage
Kostial 125Celtic Italy, Insubres, AR drachm, 3rd-2nd c. BC. 3.22 g. Celticized head of nymph right, laureate and wearing triple pendant earring / MAΣΣA, Celticized lion right with head of scorpion. LT 2126; Kostial 125.TextImage
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