Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Seussiones

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DLT 7905Gaul. The Suessiones. Circa 100-60 BC. Potin 17mm. Head right with S-shaped lock of hair before face / Boar right; annulet, pellets & semicircle below. CCCBM III 444-447. TextImage
DT 554Celtic, Northeast Gaul. Suessiones. Cricironus. Circa 60-50 BC. AE18mm. 4.31 g. Helmeted head left / Celticized Pegasos flying left; CRICIRV below. D&T 554; Depeyrot, NC VI, 91; CCCBM III 86-96.TextImage
DT 555Northeast Gaul. Suessiones. Ca 60-50 BC. AE 16mm, 3.40 g, 11h). Helmeted head left; floral pattern before / Pegasos flying left; pellet in annulet and CRICIRV below. D&T 555; Depeyrot, NC 91. TextImage
Scheers 184Celtic, Northeast Gaul. Suessiones. Circa 60-25 BC. AV Stater. Devolved Apollo head with wing & two eyes on stem; two stars behind, [CRICIRV] before / Quadriga left, charioteer transformed into fibula-like figure; stars around, wheel & ladder design below. DLT 547. TextImage
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