Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Nervii

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D&T 629Gaul, AE 20.5 Potin, Nervii Tribe 100-50 BC. 4.03 g. Symmetrical design with eight 'leaves' / Horse right with three pellets and crescent above. D&T 629; LT 8620; Depeyrot, NC VII, 8.TextImage
DLT 8697Northern Gaul, Nervii AV Quarter Stater. 1.92g, 13mm. Crossed lines at various angles resembling an A / Disjointed driver guiding chariot left; ‘lyre’ below and other patterns in fields. D&T 94; Sheers 99; cf. De la Tour 8697; Van Arsdell 37.TextImage
DLT 8755Belgic Gaul, The Nervii AV Stater. ca 60–30/25 BC. Vestiges of Celticized human head right, the most prominent feature a pair of volutes meeting in the form of an epsilon / VIROS, Celticized horse left, pellet in ring behind, other decorative elements off flan. Scheers 219. TextImage
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