Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Lingones

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DLT 5252Gaul, the Aedui (or Lingones) AR Quinarius. Helmeted head left, four pellets (representing denarius mark X) behind / Celticized horse galloping left, pellet in ring above, another pellet in ring below. BMC Celtic 333. Reding p. 176, 68, pl. xvii, 414. Dessewffy 657. TextImage
DLT 8291Lingones Tribe, Kaletedoy, AR Unit or Quinarius (17mm, 1.85g). Helmeted head of Roma left / KALETDOY, bridled horse running left. TextImage
DLT 8319Gaul, Lingones Tribe, Potin 18 mm. 3.61 gr. 1st C. BC. Stylized Janiform bust / Boar left, traces of legend. CCCBM III 448-449; S470-477; DLT 8319.TextImage
DLT 9025Gaul, The Lingones. Circa 60-50 BC. AR Quinarius. SOLIMA, male head left / COLIMA, horse prancing left, dolphin right below. TextImage
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