Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Leuci

Celtic Northwest Gaul, The Leuci Tribe

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BMC 403Gaul, Belgium, Leuci. Potin. 3,72g. Stylized head left wearing diadem and with hair in three curved curls / Stylized boar left, pattern of two arches below. LT -. BMC 403. SLM 581.TextImage
Castelin 571fNorthwest Gaul, The Leuci, Potin 17mm. Diademed head left with locks of hair / boar standing left with wreath-like ornament below. TextImage
DLT_7445Celtic Gaul, the Leuci, Potin 17mm. 80-20 BC. Wildman with six braids right / Boar right. Monnais XV 677. TextImage
DLT_9044Celtic Gaul, Leuci Tribe Potin 19mm. Bald head left/ boar standing right, circular items below. TextImage
SLM_595Gaul, Leuci, Potin. 1st Century BC. Portrait right / disarticulated horse(?). TextImage
Scheers 186Celtic, The Leuci. Circa 1st Century BC. Potin 17mm (4.68 gm). Head left with three locks of hair / Boar standing left. CCCBM III 405ff; Scheers 186. TextImage
Scheers 663Celtic Gaul, The Leuci, Cast Potin 15.6 mm. Celticized head left with large, round eye, band around head, & three locks of hair / Celticized boar left, stylized flower below. Coll. Danicourt 366. BMC Celtic 409. Castelin 573. TextImage
Sear #141Celtic Gaul, Leuci Tribe, Potin 17mm. 1st century BC. Male head left with locks of hair / boar standing left, plant below. De La Tour 9078, Sheers 366.
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