Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Lemovici

Browse the Lemovici page with thumbnail images. The Lemovici established themselves in the Limousin-Poitou area between 700 and 400 BC. Their capital was Durotincum (Villejoubert) and later Augustoritum (Limoges). In 52 BC, 10,000 Lemovician combatants fought against Julius Caesar at the Battle of Alesia. Their chief, Sedullos, was killed there.

CCCBM S412vCeltic, Gaul. The Lemovices. 2nd-1st century BC. AR Quinarius (15mm, 1.91 g). Stylized head left / Horse prancing left; sword above, wheel below. CCC BM II S412 var. (pentagram below); de la Tour -.Text

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