Ancient Coinage of Gaul, Aulerci

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Depeyrot IV-159 varCeltic Gaul, Potin unit. Aulerci Eburovices, Ca 100-30 BC. 17mm. Celticized male head left / boar left with a shield or head-like object between legs. Depeyrot IV-159 var; Depeyrot VII-86 var; BMC (Allen) 442 / S 467 var. Attributed to the Carnutes by Muret & Chabouillet, to the Bituriges or to the Treveri by Depeyrot and to the Aulerci Eburovices by Patat.TextImage
Depeyrot V-145 varCeltic Gaul, Potin unit, Aulerci Eburovices, 60-50 BC. Male head right / Horse with cleft neck galopping right, three dots above, dot between legs. BN 7410-7432 var; Depeyrot V-145 var; BMC (Allen) 389-397 var.TextImage
Depeyrot V-163Celtic Gaul, Aulerci Eburovices, Circa 50-30 BC, AE15. Diademed male head right / Celticized boar standing left; T in exergue, ornaments around. D&T 2447; Depeyrot, NC V, 163.TextImage
DLT 7081 Gaul: Aulerci Eburovices AE 15mm. PIXTILOS, Celticized diademed head of Apollo right; two dots in circles behind / Winged horseman riding right; spiral ornament below. TextImage
Sch. 844Celtic Gaul, Aulerci Eburovices, ca. Circa 50-30 BC, Potin unit. Head left; face formed by four dots / Boar right; three dots below. D&T 2480; Depeyrot, NC V, 181. TextImage
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