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Andronicus IV Palaeologus, co-emperor with his father, John V Palaeologus, teamed up with the son of the Ottoman sultan in an unsuccessful revolt against his father. Andronicus was partially blinded and imprisoned but he escaped and deposed his father and brother. In 1379 his father recovered the throne. Andronicus went into exile and feuded with his father until the day he died in 1385.

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SB 2544Andronicus IV Palaeologus, usurper, AR Stavraton. 1376-1379 AD, 8.59 gr. IC-XC, facing bust of Christ, with crossed nimbus; fleur de lis to left and right, all within beaded border surrounded by an outer border of eight stars alternating with dots / + ANDRONIKOC DECPOTIC O PALEOLOGOC and QV XAPITI BACILEVC TwN RWMAIO in two circles around nimbate and crowned facing bust of Andronicus. Sear 2544; LPC 1; PCPC 323.3.TextImage
SB 2545Andronicus IV Palaeologus AR one-eighth Stavraton. Constantinople, 1376-1379 AD. 0.64 gr. IC-XC, Christ seated facing on throne with high back, cross nimbate, holding book of gospels / ANDRON I [KO]CA, Andronicus standing facing, wearing stemma with pendilia and loros, holding patriarchal cross. PCPC 325; Sear 2545.TextImage
SB 2547Andronicus IV. 1376-1379 AD. AE Tornese, 2.38 gr, Constantinople. Andronicus and St. Demetrios on horseback riding right / ANDRONIKOV DECPOTOV around PALG Palaeologan monogram. Sear 2547.TextImage